The cosmology in this world is a big one, pretty complex and rather difficult to explain. 

"A" in the picture above is reality. "B" is outside of reality. Boa and Mal, the first gods, gods of good and evil had fought a constant battle, through these battles a celestial body was made, Lorkan, the god of creation. Lorkan siphoned off access energy from their fights to create all the other gods. Boa realized then that the continued fighting would eventually lead to the death of everything that has been created, thus he used his power to lock himself and Mal outside of reality to keep Lorkan and the rest of his brethren safe.

"C" is a planetoid that is called Orodi in the space of "B" or Vealoria. Vealoria is the sky above Orodi, filled with magic that's almost unlimited because it has the imprint of Boa and Mal. Orodi is the planetary body that is home to many of the prime-elemental planes and other planes and the astral plane is the sea that is used to traverse between the planes. Orodi was made as a cage for Lorkan and his siblings before Boa locked both himself and Mal outside reality. Boa realized that again their battles were making living being and places of existence on Orodi so he force mal and himself outside of reality. 

"A" is outside of reality. "D" is Malon the planet that Elves, Humans and the other races live. "C" are all the gods in the multiverse. The gods themselves are not only gods and their physical effigies, but planets corresponding to their Divine Domain as well. Before Malon was made, the god Lorkan Decided to make a planet, just like Boa. Lorkan wanted to create life, creatures and most of all a place for the gods to live. Lorkan asked all his brothers and sisters to help in the creation of a world. This created the split of The Seven and The Ouset. The Seven and Lorkan began to siphon their power into this but Lorkan did not tell them the risks that came with making a planet of their own, mortality. Quitarae, the goddess of plots and manipulation took advantage of this. Quitarae told The Seven that Lorkan wants to make them mortal, strip them of their power. The Seven, noticing they were in fact weakened by creating Malon, were Furious with Lorkan for deceiving them. They attacked Lorkan and severed his body and cast it upon Malon, finishing it's creation. At this point in time there was no sun but because the gods had poked holes in Vealoria in an attempt to leave their cage. These holes are light and a flow of magic into the god's cage. This put Malon into eternal twilight, where only the stars would light Malon. 


"A" is outside of reality. "B" is the sun. "C" is shar. "D" are the Ouset. "E" are THe Seven. "F" are the ascentions and "G" is Malon. After several wars an individual by the name of Ylbeck united the Ashlands, Skiorn and Murulia against a mage that had attuned to ice so much so that she eventually claimed herself to be a prime-elemental, creating a sickness that swept over the dead Ylbeck saw many of his men as a commander fall to her magic. He founded the hollowed as an organization of wizards to keep up the barrier against her while he set out to find a body part of Lorkan. On a quest to find his hand Ylbeck found Lorkan's hand bellow the city of Murulia. 










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