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Skiorn is home to the hardy humans that endure the frigid cold and magical beasts that inhabit the land. The people here are not fond of magic because of the history and distrust of magic that has lasted for generations. 

Previously ruled by Eric The Red, Skiorn's people traveled the seas, pillaging and raping cities along the coast. ​​Skiorn's only sorce of food and wealth was pillaging and it's mines. The Imperials needed such resources from their mines to fuel their armies. so they attempted to make a pact with Skiorn saying that they were not to attack anyone and the Imperials would modernize Skiorn from it's primitive culture, and in return the imperials would receive resources from the mines. ​​Knowing this, Eric decided to pillage a wealthy town within the borders of the Imperials. Afterwards the Imperial King ambushed and killed Eric during his next raid, leaving Skiorn with no ruler. The Imperials came in and attempted to put a ruler in the throne that would be loyal to them. ​

While the Imperials wer focused on introducing farming exploiting the local resources a man by the name if Ragnol Hosvir conspired against the imperial ruler. His plan immediately gained traction with the people and thus began a war. Skiorn fought through gorilla warfare, taking imperials by surprise.

The north won by creating a pact with a group of mages called The Hollowed, using their unbridled magic to turn the tide of battle. The group was previously despised due to the distrust in magic. The pact stated that the group was permitted to live in privacy in the northern mountains, and would give them 20 magically gifted children every year for help to turn the tide of war. Since the war, they have disappeared and are only talked about in privacy except for the ceremony of mages. The ceremony sends the children with a convoy of supplies to the Hollowed.​


The majority of the population believes in The Eight (or the Northern Pantheon), which include The Seven and Ylbek.

Although the belief and worship is similar to that of their more imperial counterparts in Murulia, the gods  that Skiorns' people  worship are more war-like. They strive for honor and a death that grants them entrance to Ylbek's realm of heros, Honra.

A smaller portion of the population believe in Lorkan, Ehloona and Atremus. These are known as The Old Pantheon or The Old Gods when the world was encased in twilight. 







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