The Hollowed Academy

First Seed 5th 582 4th era

Today we received 5 new Initiates… sad excuses for mages of even the lowest caliber. Toc allows almost anyone into the academy, that poor lot will be thrown to the gate in now time at all. I escorted them to Clade's office, there they heard his wonderful story of the academy and it's founder. Clade always has the best stories, he's a walking history book. but he asked that I  take them on a tour. ugh… what an unfortunate event that I must waste my time like this. I showed them all the classrooms and the main quarters… and to think that some of them fancied the teachers, this insolence will not be tolerated. I must be, as the southerners call it, a cock block, to thwart their efforts to court the sophisticated professors. After showing them the great hall I left inn a hurry to plan. I mustn't delay. Those little demons will have their night of fun but in the morning they  will deal with me.

Glork the goblin


zgarner1996 zgarner1996

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